Odom v. ECA Marketing, Inc.

 United States District Court for the Central District of California |  Case No. 5:20-cv-00851-JGB-SHK

What is the Lawsuit about?
A class action is a lawsuit in which the claims and rights of many people are decided in a single court proceeding. Representative plaintiffs, also known as “Class Representatives,” assert claims on behalf of the entire class. The Class Representative here filed and/or pursued this Action alleging that Defendant violated the TCPA by using an automatic telephone dialing system to call cell phones without the prior express consent of the recipients and/or using an artificial or prerecorded voice. Defendant denies that it did anything wrong, and that this case is appropriate for treatment as a class action.
How do I know if I am in the Settlement?
The Court has certified a class action for settlement purposes only. You are in the Settlement Class if you are a person who received one or more Automatic Calls and/or Prerecorded Calls from Defendant between April 21, 2016 and April, 21, 2020. Excluded from the Class are all persons who validly exclude themselves or opt out of the Settlement Class. If you have questions about whether you are a Class Member, or are still not sure whether you are included, you can call 1-888-912-1460 or visit OdomSettlement.com for more information.
What are my options?
SUBMIT A CLAIM FORM This is the only way to get a payment. You can submit a valid and timely claim form online at OdomSettlement.com or by mail to ECA Marketing, Inc. Settlement, c/o CPT Group, Inc., 50 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606. If you fail to submit a claim, you will not receive a settlement payment.
DO NOTHING Get no payment. Give up any rights to sue Defendant or anyone else separately regarding the legal claims in this case.
EXCLUDE YOURSELF OR “OPT OUT” OF THE SETTLEMENT Get no payment. If you exclude yourself, you will not waive any rights you may have against Defendant or anyone else with respect to the legal claims in this case.
OBJECT Write to the Court about why you believe the Settlement is unfair. Even if you file a valid and timely objection, you can still submit a claim form to receive a payment.
GO TO A HEARING Ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the Settlement if you file a valid and timely objection.


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